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Jutting up from the great plains, the Flatirons form an iconic backdrop to the renowned climbing hub - Boulder, Colorado. These jagged sandstone spires have been drawing climbers to aim for their summits for over a century and show no sign of stopping. The Flatirons are known predominantly for their long scrambles and climbs of easy to moderate grade that ascend the sloping east faces of many rock formations. This is a great place for budding trad and multi-pitch climbers to sharpen their and is one of our favorite places to introduce folks to multi-pitch climbing. With a wide variety of lengths and difficulties to choose from even beginner climbers can come enjoy the thrill of climbing high up off the deck.

Time: Start times are available from 5 am to 2 pm. Early starts are often required during the Summer to beat the heat. 

Available Locations:

  • Boulder

Provided Gear:

  • Helmet

  • Harness

  • Rock climbing shoes 

  • Ropes, Belay devices, anchors etc.

  • Trad Gear

Pricing (Per Person):

1 Person: $350

2 People: $205

Please fill out a contact form or shoot us

an email for groups of 2 or larger.

Popular Routes:

The Direct Route, 1st Flatiron, 5.6 - 7 pitches

The E. Face, 3rd Flatiron, 5.4 - 8 pitches

The E. Ridge, The Maiden, 5.10c - 5 pitches


Do I need previous rock climbing experience?

Yes. We do require at least some prior climbing experience for the longer routes on the Flatirons. Even lower grades will feel difficult over extended distances and climbers should have some basic footwork technique in order to move efficiently up the rock. 

Is there a minimum age requirement to climb?

Yes. Climbers must be at least 7 years old to participate and in general we recommend climbers are 14 years old before climbing longer multi-pitch routes.


What if I am afraid of heights?

Fear of heights is one of the most natural fears out there. It is actually a really useful survival instinct. Multi-pitch climbing takes you to places far off the ground and sometimes to precarious feeling positions. If you have learned to really trust your equipment then a fear of heights shouldn't stop you here. If you are still learning to manage your fear while climbing we recommend saving these climbs as something to work towards.


Can I bring my own equipment?

Sure! We will just need to inspect it to make sure it is in good condition.

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