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This course is designed for climbers who have spent time climbing in the gym or outside and are ready to learn the skill of lead climbing on bolts outside. Your guide will work with you to build on your prior experience and teach you the skills you need to lead climb outside safely. On this course you will learn:

  • what gear you need for a safe and successful day of outdoor sport climbing

  • how to correctly clip bolts and quickdraws

  • how to correctly lead belay

  • how correctly build a sport climbing anchor

  • multiple techniques for cleaning a sport anchor and route 

  • safe falling techniques

  • how to recognize common errors and mistakes

Time: Start times are available from 7 am to 2 pm.

Available Locations:

  • Fort Collins

  • Estes Park

  • Loveland

  • Boulder

  • Golden 

Provided Gear:

  • Helmet

  • Harness

  • Rock climbing shoes 

  • Ropes, Belay devices, anchors etc.

Pricing (Per Person):

1 Person: $350

2 People: $205

3 People: $140

4 People: $115

5 People: $100

6+ People: $95

Please fill out a contact form or shoot us

an email for groups of 8 or larger.


Do I need previous rock climbing experience?

No! We have spots that are perfect for beginners.


Is there a minimum age requirement to climb?

No. But participants must be large enough to fit in our smallest harnesses. All participants under the age of 18 must also be accompanied by a legal guardian.


What if I am afraid of heights?

Fear of heights is one of the most natural fears out there. It is actually a really useful survival instinct. We will start out slow and small and learn to trust our equipment. If we are feeling good and enjoying ourselves then we can work bigger!


Can I bring my own equipment?

Sure! We will just need to inspect it to make sure it is in good condition.


We have a group with both new and experienced climbers. Do you have a location for everyone?

We do! We have climbing walls that have all levels of climbs from very beginner to expert. We can definitely keep everyone engaged!

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