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Hiking Day Trips

Hiking is one of the best ways and experience the Colorado Rockies. We offer full and half day hiking trips from easy to advanced. Explore the high peaks and alpine lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park or the lower elevation granite crags of our front range mountains just minutes away from the city of Fort Collins. The choice is yours! Where will you sojourn?

Half Day Hike

4-Hours | Beginner - Intermediate | 1-8 People

Our 4-hour hike is the perfect way to get a taste of what Rocky Mountains are all about. This gives us plenty of time to hike to classics such as The Loch, Dream Lake and Mills Lake and be back to the cars before the crowds find us!

Full Day Hike

6-Hours | Beginner - Advanced | 1-8 PeoplE


For folks desiring to explore deeper into the valleys of the Rocky Mountains we recommend our 6-hour hike. This gives us the time we need to to access the further afield iconic locations such as Sky Pond and Chasm Lake. Lunch provided on this extended excursion!

Hiking and Lodging Packages

4 or 6-Hours | Beginner - Advanced | 1-8 PeoplE


Do you need a place to stay while in Estes Park? Do you also want to go on a guided hike? Perhaps then you would like to save money on both your lodging and your hike. Check out our bundled lodging and hiking packages and get more out of your time in Estes Park!

Looking for something different?

Send us an inquiry and we can create a custom tour suited to your skill level! Contact us here.

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