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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the unique adventures Colorado has to offer visitors. The Colorado Rockies have long called to adventurers to scale their heights and explore their secrets. Estes Park and the surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park are home to some of the best climbing in the country. 

While their is certainly plenty of opportunity in to challenge yourself on extreme and difficult terrain, rock climbing is actually an incredibly fun and accessible sport for beginners. Starting on small cliffs with plenty of hand and footholds while safely secured by a rope from above is a great way to get a taste of the adventure of climbing and give yourself a challenge!

We love introducing folks to the sport of rock climbing and are committed to your safety and enjoyment. We offer two basic introductory rock climbing trips and one intermediate/advanced course: Our 4-hour Introduction to Rock Climbing trip, our 6-hour Rock and Rappel and our 6-hour Trad Gear & Anchors Course

Introduction to Rock Climbing

4-Hours | Beginner - Intermediate | 1-8 PeoplE

This tour is designed for complete beginners and families with kids with a focus on simply climbing in a safe and comfortable setting. Start off slow with accessible climbs with plenty of hand and foot holds on low angle rock, then advance to more challenging climbs as you get the hang of it. Learn the basic skills of climbing such as tying a "figure 8" knot and belaying. Located at a natural rock wall right in downtown Estes this tour is a great way to start your day's explorations. All equipment provided.

Rock and Rappel

6-Hours | Beginner - Intermediate | 1-8 PeoplE


This tour is designed for folks who want to dive a little deeper into the sport of rock climbing. We will focus on teaching you the foundational skills of climbing as well as finding enjoyable climbs for your level. In addition to climbing we will teach you the invaluable climbers tool for getting off the rocks they ascend: Rappelling. This tour is a great option for folks who have top-roped in the gym and want to begin learning the skill of outdoor rock climbing.

Trad Gear And Anchors

6-Hours | Intermediate - Advanced | 1-8 PeoplE


This course is designed for intermediate to advanced climbers who want to expand their skill set to the use of traditional "trad" climbing gear. The focus of this course is in building anchors for outdoor top-ropes or multi-pitch belay stances. Much of this course is spent on the ground learning different anchor set ups and how to use various types of climbing equipment with an emphasis on student practice. All gear is provided but we recomend participants bring whatever personal gear they own.

Looking for something different?

Send us an inquiry and we can create a custom tour suited to your skill level! Contact us here.

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