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Trad Gear and Anchors

6-Hours | INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED | 1-8 People


Your guide will meet you at your chosen start time (8 am recommended) at the granite domes of Mary's Lake in Estes Park. Come well rested and ready to learn because we will jump right in. We have a lot of ground to cover in only 6 hours.


We will start with a basic overview of the various types of traditional climbing protection such as cams, stoppers, hexes, etc. We will then learn how to properly place each type of gear and how to evaluate the quality of the placement followed by practice on the ground. Next we will learn about the use of soft anchoring materials such as nylon and dyneema slings, webbing, cord and ropes followed by practice in using these materials. Finally, we will put all the skills we learned together in building anchors on the ground in various configurations. If time then allows we will finish the day climbing and discussing placing protection on traditional leads.

Climbers on this course should come with proficient skills in belaying and a working knowledge of basic climbing knots such as the figure 8 and overhand.


Time: 8am-2pm 

(Custom start times available)

Location: Mary's Lake in Estes Park, Colorado

2120 Marys Lake Rd , Estes Park, CO 80517

Provided Gear:

  • Helmet

  • Harness

  • Rock climbing shoes 

  • Ropes, Belay devices, Anchors, Trad gear etc.

Pricing (Per Person):

1 Person: $295

2 People: $225

3 People: $175

4 People: $155

5 People: $125

6 People: $105

7 People: $95

8 People: $95

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